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Household Registration Office,Tnscg District,Tainan City
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About Tnscg District


The area is located in the southwest side of the city the East Datong Road connecting Eastern and Rende Township, Tainan County, west of the Provisional Taiwan Strait, North Health Road, Sec, Simon Road, Section 1, Yonghua Road in West EndThe municipal boundaries adjacent to the south to Erren as, every hope of Kaohsiung County Tahu and Qieding, Township. Land Area: 28.0383 square kilometers. 

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Funan Household Registration Office,Tainan City

photo:About Tnscg District
Address:No.2, Mingxing Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 70261, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel:(+886) 6-291-3702 Fax:(+886) 6-291-3705‧261-2324
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