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Organization Structure

Organization Structure
Household Registration section:
◎Registration of personal status
  Birth/death/death announcement/marriage/divorce registration
Acknowledgement/adoption/adoption termination registration
Guardianship registration
◎Registration of movement
  Moving-in/moving-out/address alteration registration
◎Initial household registration
◎Birthplace registration
◎Alteration/correction/revocation/annulment registration
◎Personal signet
  Personal Seal Registration/Replacement/Annulment/Certification
◎Issuance of certificate
  Issuance of household certificate/household certificate in English
Household Registry and Citizen Review of Household Records
Household Records section:
◎ID card
  ID Cards; ID Card Changes
◎Naming of streets
◎Address plates
  Coding/producing/amending/re-issuance of address plates

General Affairs section:

Administration affairs

Research and evaluation
Volunteer recruitment and management
Dealing with complaints
Fees and fine reception affairs

General affairs

Inventory procurement and preservation
Maintenance of computer hardware and software
Cashier affairs

Archives and documents management
◎Acquisition/loss/restoration of nationality
In charge of personnel management in accordance with the law

 Accounting Offic:

In charge of annual auditing and accounting affairs in accordance with the law
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