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 This site in accordance with the principles of web design and build the barrier, the main content of the site template is divided into three large  blocks: 
 1) upper region, 2) the left region, 3) an intermediate region 
 Access key Accesskey this site, also known as the anchor point ﹞ set as follows: 
 Alt + U: the upper area, this section contains a link to the main site. 
 Alt + C: middle area, this part displays the contents of the web pages. 
 Alt + L: left the area, including the lower level of this block belongs link this unit with other relevant information.
 Alt + B: Area below this block include this organ-related information.

Address:No.2, Ming Xing Road, South District, Tainan City 702030 Taiwan(R.O.C.) .
Tel:(+886) 6-291-3702 Fax:(+886) 6-291-3705‧261-2324
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